Fighting For You

Jobs Doug will fight for you by delivering on the #1 priority in our state: jobs for all Maryland.

Safety Year after year our state is ranked among the 10 most violent states in the nation. Doug has a plan to make Maryland one of the 10 safest.

Veterans Our state’s veterans have served us with honor, often at great cost to themselves and their families. When they return home to Maryland, we should do all we can to honor them.

HEALTH CARE Doug was an early and ardent supporter of President Obama’s health care reform law, which guarantees all citizens access to high quality and affordable care.

Environment Doug will build on his record of working to protect our environment and the jobs and industries that depend on a clean, thriving Chesapeake Bay.

EDUCATION Closing the minority achievement gap will be one of Doug's most important causes.

ENERGY We have outlined a range of renewable proposals that are good for our agricultural economy and good for the environment.

Good Government Doug’s reform ideas are built on a core belief: the public deserves better and quicker access to legislative and executive spending decisions.