Gansler-Ivey Ticket Announces County Co-Chairs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, April 25, 2014

Gansler-Ivey Ticket Announces County Co-Chairs

229 Current and Former Maryland Elected Officials Endorse Gansler-Ivey Ticket

Silver Spring, MARYLAND – Today, the Gansler-Ivey campaign announced its co-chairs for all 23 counties in Maryland and in Baltimore City. In addition, 229 current and former Democratic elected officials announced their endorsement of Attorney General Douglas Gansler and Delegate Jolene Ivey for governor and lieutenant governor.

The list of endorsers comprises a diverse mix of Democratic leaders and includes 47 elected officials from Montgomery County and 64 from Prince George’s County. Leaders who have endorsed Gansler span a range of communities from labor to business to farming to teachers.

“When you run for office and devote yourself to public service, you learn to recognize kindred spirits like Doug Gansler and Jolene Ivey who care deeply about righting injustice and fighting for all Marylanders,” said State Senator Delores Kelly (District 10 – Baltimore County). “Doug and Jolene have made it clear, whether it’s fighting to protect consumers in Maryland, providing support for mothers of color, or just being the voice of fairness in Maryland, they will never back down from a fight when it’s right.”

“I have known Attorney General Gansler for years and have observed his long record of success in getting the job done for the people of Maryland,” said State Senator Karen Montgomery (District 14 – Montgomery County). “He and Delegate Ivey will be a strong voice in Annapolis for the entire state, not just for the chosen few. They will put the people’s interests over special interests.”

“It’s the honor of a lifetime to have these 229 current and former elected officials stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us,” said Gansler. “These leaders are already working hard across the state to spread the word about our campaign to fight for the people of Maryland, to deliver affordable healthcare, more jobs that pay a good wage, and schools that are the best in the nation for all our students, not just some of them.”

“Doug and I are humbled by this outpouring of support from leaders who believe, like we do, that government is meant to serve the people of Maryland not the powerful, entrenched special interests,” said Ivey.

Additionally, 13 leaders who were listed as endorsing Lt. Governor Anthony Brown on his website now support Gansler for governor.

The list, organized alphabetically by county, follows.

Bolded Italic: Officials Who Have Been Listed as Endorsing Anthony Brown

*Previously announced endorsements




David A. Goad- Former Sheriff (County Chair)

Michael Llewellyn- Board of Education Member (County Chair)

Timothy F. Jackson- Westernport Commissioner

William M. Kenny- Former County Commissioner

Clarence L. Kimble- Barton Councilmember

J. Daniel Laffey- Mayor of Westernport

Amel P. Morris- Former Mayor of Westernport

Fred Pritts- Westernport Commissioner


Anne Arundel

Janet S. Owens- Former County Executive (County Chair)

G. James ‘Jamie’ Benoit, Jr.- County Councilmember, District 4

Cynthia Abney Carter- Former Annapolis Alderman, Ward 6

Daryl D. Jones- County Councilmember, District 1

Carl O. Snowden- Former Annapolis Alderman, Ward 5


Baltimore City

Keiffer J. Mitchell, Jr.- Delegate, District 44 (Chair)*

Joan M. Pratt- Comptroller  (Chair)*

David B. Shapiro- Former Delegate, District 42


Baltimore County

Grace G. Connolly- Register of Wills (County Chair)

Delores G. Kelly- Senator, District 10 (County Chair)

Joseph Bartenfelder- Former County Councilmember, District 6

James Brochin- Senator, District 42

R. Jay Fisher – Sheriff



Stewart B. Cumbo- Chesapeake Beach Councilmember (County Chair)

Barbara A. Stinnett- Former Member, Board of County Commissioners (County Chair)



Sandra M. ‘Sandy’ Cook- Mayor of Henderson  (County Chair)

Debra Rowe- Mayor of Marydel (County Chair)

Robin L. Cahall- Mayor of Goldsboro

Jesse J. Cook – Henderson Commissioner

Joyce A. Ward- Marydel Commissioner



William B. Dulany- Former Delegate, Carroll County (County Chair)

Dr. Robert P. Wack- Westminster Council President (County Chair)

Damian L. Halstad- Former Westminster Council President



John K. Burkley, II- Former Elkton Commissioner (County Chair)

Christopher J. Eastridge- Former State’s Attorney (County Chair)

Robert J. Alt- Former Mayor of Elkton

James G. Crouse- Former Mayor of Elkton

Joseph L. Fisona- Mayor of Elkton

Charles H. Givens- Elkton Commissioner

Mary Jo Jablonski- Elkton Commissioner

Judy Leonard- Port Deposit Councilmember

Wayne L. Tome, Sr.- Mayor of Port Deposit



Leonard C. Collins, Jr.- Former State’s Attorney (County Chair)*

Anthony B. ‘Tony’ Covington- State’s Attorney (County Chair)*

C.T. Wilson- Delegate District 28*

R. Wayne Winkler- La Plata Councilmember, Ward 1*



Reverend George Ames- Orphans’ Court Judge (County Chair)

Michelle Barnes- Former State’s Attorney (County Chair)

William V. Nichols- Vice-President, County Council

Glen A. Payne, Sr.- Board of Education Member, District 4



Carroll A. Jones- Former Mayor of Brunswick (County Chair)

Anthony M. Ventre- Middletown Commissioner (County Chair)

Beth Johnson- Former Brunswick Councilmember

Donna Kuzemchak- Frederick Alderwoman

Thomas L. Smith- Former Mayor of Brunswick



Thomas Deberry- Deer Park Councilmember (County Chair)

G. Michael ‘George’ Brady- Kitzmiller Councilmember (County Chair)

Ronald D. Friend- Loch Lynn Heights Councilmember



Dion F. Guthrie- County Councilmember, District A (County Chair)

Joseph Smith- Havre de Grace Councilmember (County Chair)

Augustus F. “Gus” Brown- Former Democratic Central Committee Member

Ruth E. Elliott- Aberdeen Councilmember

David Fang- Former Democratic Central Committee Treasurer

Michael ‘Mike’ Hiob- Former Aberdeen Council President

James P. Miller- Former Havre de Grace Councilmember

Douglas S. Wilson- Former Mayor of Aberdeen



Ann De Lacy- Vice Chairman, Board of Education (County Chair)

Simone Rockstroh- Treasurer, Lisbon Volunteer Fire Company (County Chair)



R. Clayton Mitchell, Jr.- Former Speaker of the House of Delegates (County Chair)

Mabel Mumford-Pautz- Former Chestertown Councilmember, Ward 3 (County Chair)

Robert H. Strong, Jr.- State’s Attorney



Richard S. Madaleno, Jr.- Senator, District 18 (County Chair)*

Karen S. Montgomery- Senator, District 14 (County Chair)*

Saqib Ali- Former Delegate, District 39*

Sam Arora- Delegate, District 19*

Charles E. Barkley- Delegate, District 39*

Michael Barnes- Former U.S. Congressman, District 8*

Walter Behr- Former Mayor of Somerset

Jay Bernstein- Former Democratic Central Committee Chair*

Leon G. Billings- Former Delegate, District 18*

James E. Brown- Poolesville Commission President

Chris Bruch- Former Kensington Councilman

Alfred C. Carr, Jr.- Delegate, District 18*

Bob Dorsey- Former Rockville Councilmember

Kathleen M. Dumais- Delegate, District 15*

Brian J. Feldman- Senator, District 15*

Jennie M. Forehand- Senator, District 17*

David Fraser-Hidalgo- Delegate, District 15*

James W. Gilchrist- Delegate, District 17*

Michael Gildea- Former Democratic Central Committee Chair*

Stanton Gildenhorn- Former Democratic Central Committee Chair*

Marilyn R. Goldwater – Former Delegate, District 16*

Joseph M. Griffin- Register of Wills*

Sharon M. Grosfeld- Former Senator, District 18*

Ana Sol Gutierrez- Delegate, District 18*

Henry B. ‘Hank’ Heller- Former Delegate, District 19*

Ariana B. Kelly- Delegate, District 16*

Raymond M. Kight- Former Sheriff*

Loretta E. Knight- Clerk of Circuit Court*

Rose Krasnow- Former Mayor of Rockville*

Susan C. Lee- Delegate, District 16*

Adrienne A. Mandel Former Delegate, District 19*

James T. Marrinan- Former Rockville Councilmember

John J. McCarthy- State’s Attorney*

Alvan M. Morris- Treasurer, Friendship Heights Council

Aruna Miller- Delegate, District 15*

Patricia O’Neill- Board of Education Vice President*

Carol S. Petzold- Former Delegate, District 19*

Darren M. Popkin- Sheriff*

Molly Q. Ruhl- Former Clerk of Circuit Court*

William Sher- Former Montgomery County Councilmember*

Tod D. Sher- Former Delegate, District 14A*

Luiz R. S. Simmons- Delegate, District 17*

Rebecca Smondrowski- Board of Education Member, District 2*

Leonard H. Teitelbaum- Former Senator, District 19*

Steven VanGrack- Former Mayor of Rockville*

Craig J. Zucker- Delegate, District 14*

Tom Eldridge- Former Somerset Councilmember


Prince George’s

Beverly Anderson- Board of Education Member (County Chair)

Glenn Ivey- Former State’s Attorney (County Chair)

James V. Aluisi- Former Sheriff

Benjamin S. Barnes- Delegate, District 21

Sadara Barrow- Former Colmar Manor Councilmember, Ward 4*

Aaron Baynes- North Brentwood Councilmember*

Lillian Beverly- Former Mayor of North Brentwood*

Marilynn Bland- Clerk of Circuit Court

Council President Reveral Yeargin of Seat Pleasant

At-Large Councilman Kelly Porter of Seat Pleasant

Lois Blue- Colmar Manor Councilmember, Ward 1*

Cynthia Bowden- Colmar Manor Councilmember, Ward 2*

Robert L. Bullock- Landover Hills Councilmember, Ward 3

Willie E. Calhoun- District Heights Commissioner, Ward 1*

Michael H. Callahan- Mayor of Cheverly*

Cheye Calvo- Mayor of Berwyn Heights*

William A. (Will) Campos- Vice Chair, County Council, District 2

Carolyn Cook- Cheverly Councilmember, Ward 6*

E. James Cooksey- Mayor of Brentwood*

Richard P. Cote- Cottage City Commissioner, Ward 1

Martha F. (Jawie) Cuffie- North Brentwood Councilmember*

Robert Day- College Park Councilmember, District 3*

Thomas E. Dernoga- Former County Councilmember, District 1

Kevin Downing- Former Fairmount Heights Councilmember

James O. Ealey- Vice-Mayor of Morningside

Jonathan W. Ebbeler- Riverdale Park Councilmember, Ward 1

Roswell (R.J.) Eldridge- Vice-Mayor of Cheverly*

Doreatha Epps- Colmar Manor Councilmember, Ward 4*

Diana Fennell- Former Mayor of Colmar Manor*

Henri Gardner- Bowie Councilmember, District 3

Rev. Walter George- Former Bladensburg Councilmember, Ward 2*

Eugene W. Grant- Mayor of Seat Pleasant*

Patricia L. Gross- Cottage City Commissioner, At Large

Thomas R. Hendershot- Former County Councilmember, District 3

Vivian Jackson- Colmar Manor Councilmember, Ward 3*

Jennifer A. Jenkins- Glenarden Council President*

Andina Keith- Fairmount Heights Councilmember

Marnitta L. King- Mayor Pro Tem of Capitol Heights

Jennifer Kravassi- Brentwood Councilmember*

Gerron Levi- Former Delegate, District 23A

David Lingua- Riverdale Park Councilmember, Ward 3

Cynthia Mann- Forest Heights Councilmember, Ward 2

Eddie L. Martin- Vice-Mayor of District Heights

Cristian Mendoza- Bladensburg Councilmember, Ward 1*

Habeeb-Ullah Muhammad- Forest Heights Councilmember, Ward 3*

Paula J. Perry- Hyattsville Council Vice-President

Victor Ramirez- Senator, District 47

Laila Riazi- Cheverly Councilmember, Ward 1*

Petrella A. Robinson- Mayor of North Brentwood*

Duane H. Rosenberg- New Carrollton Council Chairman

Roger E. Rudder- Former Mayor of Brentwood*

Harry Saunders- Fairmount Heights Councilmember*

Peter A. Shapiro- Former Prince George’s County Councilmember, District 2

Jack C. Sims- District Heights Commissioner, Ward 1

Fred J. Sissine- Former Mayor of Mount Rainier*

Carolyn Smallwood- Glenarden Councilmember, Ward 1

Michael G. Summers- Delegate, District 47

Ivy R. Thompson- Mount Rainier Councilmember, Ward 2*

David W. Thorpe- Cheverly Councilmember, Ward 4*

Rocio Treminio-Lopez- Vice-Mayor of Brentwood*

Patricia Waiters- Fairmount Heights Councilmember

James L. Walls- Mayor of District Heights

Micah Watson- Former Cheverly Councilmember*

Joseph P. Williams- Landover Hills Councilmember, Ward 1

Albert R. Wynn- Former Congressman, District 4


Queen Anne’s

Courtney M. Billups- Former Vice President, Board of County Commissioners (County Chair)

Paul L. Gunther- Former Member, Board of County Commissioners, District 2 (County Chair)

Perry A. Stutman- Queenstown Commission President

Thomas B. Willis, Jr.- Queenstown Commissioner


Saint Mary’s

Daniel H. Raley- Former County Commissioner, 4th District (County Chair)

John F. Wood, Jr.- Delegate, District 29A (County Chair)

William Edward Bailey, Sr.- Former County Commissioner

Jim Banagan- Former Central Committee Member

J. Ernest Bell, II- Former Delegate, District 29B

Thomas R. Collier- Leonardtown Councilmember

W. Russell Cullins- Former Judge of the Orphan’s Court

Hayden T. Hammett- Leonardtown Councilmember

Roger L. Mattingly- Leonardtown Councilmember

Thomas A. Mattingly, Sr.- Former County Commissioner, 2nd District

J. Harry ‘Chip’ Norris, III- Former Mayor of Leonardtown

Jannette P. Norris- Treasurer

Salvatore L. ‘Sal’ Raspa- Chairman, Board of Education

James C. Simpson- Former Senator, District 28

Frank Taylor- Former Chairman of the Democratic Central Committee

Joan W. Williams- Clerk of Circuit Court

Walter Wise- Former Leonardtown Council Vice-President

John W. Quade, Jr.- Former Delegate, District 29

David D. Zylak- Former Sheriff



Kristy M. Hickman- Former State’s Attorney (County Chair)

Gary W. Miller- Register of Wills (County Chair)



Scott G. Patterson- State’s Attorney (County Chair)

Robert H. Croswell- Trappe Commissioner (County Chair)

Ann B. Borders- St. Michaels Commissioner



Charles F. ‘Skip’ Kauffman- Mayor of Boonsboro (County Chair)*

Lewis Metzner- Hagerstown Councilmember (County Chair)*

John Bloyer II- Former Register of Wills*

Bill Breichner- Former Mayor of Hagerstown*

Paul Crampton- Mayor of Funkstown*

Todd L. Hershey- Treasurer*

Cynthia Kauffman- Boonsboro Town Council*

Howard Long- Assistant Mayor of Boonsboro*

Charles Mades- Former Sheriff*

Penny Nigh- Hagerstown City Council*

Homer Schetrompf- Hancock Town Council*

Donald Souders, Jr.- Smithsburg Town Council Vice-President*

Dennis Weaver- Clerk of Circuit Court*



Rudolph C. Cane- Delegate, District 37A (County Chair)

Karen A. Lemon- Register of Wills (County Chair)

E. Stanford Robinson- Mardela Springs Town Commission President



Stephen V. Hales- Clerk of Circuit Court (County Chair)

Joel J. Todd- Former State’s Attorney (County Chair)

Erin Fitzsimmons- Former Ocean City Councilmember

Elizabeth A. ‘Lisa’ Hall- Berlin Councilmember


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