In New TV Ads, Gansler Vows to Fight for Quality Education for All Children and a Clean Bay

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, May 5, 2014

In New TV Ads, Gansler Vows to Fight for Quality Education for All Children and a Clean Bay

Silver Spring, MARYLAND – Today, the Gansler-Ivey campaign released two television ads that take aim at pollution in the Chesapeake Bay and state inequalities in education. They showcase Attorney General Douglas Gansler’s policy agenda and build upon his record of fighting for Maryland families.

The first television ad, entitled “Protect Our Bay,” features Gansler’s efforts to take on companies that pollute our air and water. Gansler promises to close a loophole that protects the anonymity of these polluters that dump waste into the Chesapeake Bay. He has consistently championed environmental protection in the Office of the Attorney General, especially when it comes to ensuring clean air for Maryland and preventing contamination of the Chesapeake Bay. He secured a $4.6 billion settlement that eliminates 813,000 tons of air pollution yearly, and recently urged a federal appeals court to continue allowing the Environmental Protection Agency to safeguard the Bay over the objections of other states. Gansler has also proactively sought out polluters by regularly auditing riversheds that feed into the Bay and made state history by securing the largest environmental penalty in Maryland’s history.

The Gansler-Ivey campaign released a series of renewable energy proposals last year to protect the Chesapeake Bay, including incentives for companies and ratepayers to use more renewable energy. As governor, Gansler would offer InnoBaytion grants to companies pursuing alternative energy projects that actively fight Bay pollution in addition to abiding by existing clean practices.

The second television ad is entitled “Every Classroom.” In it, Gansler pledges to place effective teachers, regardless of seniority, in Maryland’s classrooms to help close the state’s achievement gap. In a previously released set of proposals to improve state education, Gansler would create a program called the Governor’s Teachers Corps, in which the state would offer student loan assistance or other incentives to select new teacher recruits to work in high-need elementary schools. Additionally, they would be paired with exceptional teacher mentors and receive professional support and guidance for three years while teaching in that school.

Both ads are 30-seconds and will start airing tomorrow. “Protect Our Bay” will air in the DC market and “Every Classroom” in the Baltimore market.

“Protect our Bay” can be viewed here:

“Every Classroom” can be viewed here

“Protect Our Bay”

Gansler: You have a right to clean air and clean water.  As Attorney General, I forced utilities to put in place over $4 billion in pollution controls.

And to save our Bay, let’s take on polluters.

Maryland protects companies that dump waste into the Chesapeake Bay, by keeping their identities a secret.

Polluters bought that loophole.  As governor, I’ll take them on.  Clean air and a clean Bay.

That’s fair and that’s my fight.

Narrator: Doug Gansler. A governor to fight for us.

“Every Classroom”

Gansler: In Maryland, we’re proud to have some of the best schools in the nation, but we also have some of the worst, where too many kids get left behind.

I’ll fight to lift up all of our kids.

For starters, instead of putting ineffective teachers in classrooms because of seniority, let’s put the most effective teachers to work.

Skill over seniority- In every kid’s classroom. That’s fair, and that’s my fight.

Narrator: Doug Gansler. A governor to fight for us.



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