Poll Shows Gansler, Brown Within Single Digits

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, April 14, 2014

Poll Shows Gansler, Brown Within Single Digits

Gansler Campaign Gains Momentum as Brown’s Support Plummets Over Failed Health Exchange

Silver Spring, MARYLAND – Today, the Gansler-Ivey campaign released its latest internal polling numbers, which show a dramatic shift in momentum in favor of Attorney General Douglas Gansler – Brown has moved from a 23 point lead two months ago to only a 9 point lead as of last week.  This 14 point drop is driven by his failed leadership of the health exchange. Even more dramatically, among those who fault Brown for his failures, Gansler now leads the race 29 percent to 22 percent.

“It’s clear that the more Lt. Governor Anthony Brown tries to rewrite history, claiming that he’s been successful in rolling out a failed health exchange, the more voters realize he’s not being honest with them,” said Katie Hill, Communications Director for the Gansler-Ivey Campaign. “Voters in Maryland expect real leadership, and they are finding a clear contrast between Lt. Governor Brown’s phony claims of success and Attorney General Doug Gansler’s record of rolling up his sleeves and getting things done for the people of Maryland.”

The key findings outlined below include sizeable gains in the favorability ratings of Gansler as voters get to know Gansler’s extensive record of effective executive leadership. This gain is accompanied by an 11-point drop in voters favoring Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, driven by voters digesting the reality of his failed leadership of the now-abandoned Maryland health exchange website.

Key findings from the polling memo include:

  • In February, Brown had a 23 point edge in Mellman’s poll, mirroring other public polls.  In the most recent Mellman poll (April 8-9, n=600), Brown now has only a 9 point lead.  Brown has lost 14 points in two months.
  • Gansler’s net favorability ratings have jumped a net 10 percentage points, with voters holding a favorable opinion of him climbing 4 percentage points to 46 percent, and those with an unfavorable opinion of him falling 6 percentage points to 16 percent.
  • Lt. Governor Brown’s failed leadership of the health care exchange has taken a toll on him, with 47 percent of voters disapproving of his job managing the health care exchange.  Among that cohort, Gansler leads the race 29 percent to 22 percent.

“It’s clear, the more people learn about Brown and his failure, the more they move to Gansler,” concluded Hill.

The recent poll was conducted by the Mellman Group, a leading international polling firm, and polled 600 Maryland voters statewide on April 8-9, 2014. The full memo can be viewed here: http://action.douggansler.com/page/-/Docs/April-2014-polling-memo.pdf



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