By Douglas F. Gansler

Baltimore Sun Op-Ed: School resource officers keep kids safe and out of the criminal justice system; we need more of them

The number one job of government is to keep people safe. But the government has been failing to do its job in Baltimore. A recently-released report revealed that the number one cause of unexpected death of Baltimore children is homicide: 93% of youth killed by people who were not related to them were shot; 69% of the victims had been previously charged in the juvenile justice system, and 40% had been suspended from school at least twice in the last year. Guns are killing our young people, and kids who get into trouble at school are at greater risk of becoming murder victims themselves.

That’s why the state should provide funding for more Student Resource Officers to help keep guns out of schools and to help students from falling into the criminal justice system.

A world-class education that should be the right of every student in Maryland no matter what their ZIP code. Baltimore needs more investment in its schools, and it also needs more investment in public safety. Because a child cannot learn, and a teacher cannot teach, in an environment that is not safe. And parents should not have to worry that they will never see their kids again when they drop them off at school. […]

Read the full op-ed on the Baltimore Sun website.


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