By Steve Bohnel

Bethesda Beat: New documentary series questions police, government handling of 1986 death case

[…] The Warren family has a few allies in current and former elected officials. One is Doug Gansler, who was state attorney general for eight years and is running for governor.

Gansler, Montgomery County’s state’s attorney from 1999 to 2007, convened a grand jury in 1999 for a two-year review of the case

Gansler said in an interview this week that he believes the medical examiner should reclassify the case as “undetermined.” He said the grand jury found Keith Warren’s cause of death to be “inconclusive” in 2003.

He and [Montgomery County firefighter Dallas] Lipp are featured in “Uprooted,” a new three-part documentary series on Discovery Plus that aims to shed light on the case and calls on government officials to reclassify the death from “suicide” to “undetermined” or “unclassified.”

[…] Gansler said there was a lot of evidence to suggest that Keith’s death was not suicide.

He said in an interview this week that the fact that a Black man was seen hanging in a tree raised suspicion, and that the police’s investigation was done “in a pretty shoddy manner.” Family members came to him with details around 1998 or 1999, and he reopened the case in 1999.

He declined to go into detail about what was presented to the grand jury, but said he had a hard time figuring out why the state’s medical examiner did not look at the case after the conclusion in 2003. There was a “dearth of evidence” to suggest suicide, he said.

Gansler said that if he is elected governor, he would revisit the case, given his experience with it.

“Look: The medical examiner should do the family justice, and change the classification to undetermined,” he said. […]

Gansler said that the documentary series could lead to a credible witness coming forward, which might lead to action.

“Rarely does it happen,” Gansler said, “But the more exposure that a case like this gets, the more likely that a potential witness may decide, ‘Hey, I want to come forward’ … and that might happen, and that would be helpful here.” […]

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