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Eight Current and Former State’s Attorneys Endorse Gansler for Governor

WATCH the press conference announcing the endorsements HERE.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. — Former Attorney General Doug Gansler and former Hyattsville Mayor Candace Hollingsworth today welcomed the endorsement of eight current and former Maryland State’s Attorneys.

“I’m honored to be endorsed by eight current and former State’s Attorneys who trust me to make Maryland safe and to do so in a way that is fair,” said Gansler. “As the only candidate in this race with a background in criminal justice – specifically, 22 years of experience as Attorney General, Montgomery County State’s Attorney, and a federal prosecutor – I am prepared to bring crime down and justice up across the state on Day One. I have prosecuted some of the state’s worst criminals, including the Beltway Sniper, and was the first office in the nation to successfully incorporate community prosecution. As governor, I will hire 1,000 additional police officers across the state, will put 10,000 lights in Baltimore, and will get guns out of the hands of violent offenders. Furthermore, crime disproportionately impacts communities of color and underserved communities. We need to make Baltimore safe for Baltimoreans, not just tourists or people who want to do business there.”

“I’m really excited about working with Doug primarily because he has the skill and experience to address crime but also because he knows that the main ingredient to building safe communities is by investing deeply and equitably in the resources that those communities need,” said Hollingsworth. “Things like jobs, housing, transportation, education, and making sure that those places have a strong local economy. I think it takes quite a bit of courage, particularly from someone like Doug, to say and make public safety the central issue of a campaign. I believe we have a moral imperative to create the society we want, and we have a civic duty to fix the problems that are right in front of us. We can do both, and Doug and I have the courage to lead even when it’s unpopular. And our approach to community safety and public safety delivers what our communities need and what they’ve been asking for. It’s not a case of either-or. We can do both of them at the same time. And I’m excited about making sure we work together to make sure our communities can live with pride and live with dignity and be safe in our communities.”

In her remarks, Anne Arundel State’s Attorney Anne Colt Leitess said, “I’ve known Mr. Gansler for about 20-something years, when he was the State’s Attorney for Montgomery County. And what’s remarkable about him – and I’ve pretty much modeled my way of handling my office in a similar way – is that you can’t just be an administrator, you have to get into the trenches and go into court and see what’s going on. And he’s never been afraid to work alongside others and do what’s needed to be done. Whether that’s trying complicated homicide cases or arguing before the Supreme Court. He will do the job. And he works with local law enforcement. He can be both progressive, and he can also be responsive to the needs of law enforcement. He is approachable, he is fair-minded, and he is interested in justice for all Marylanders. There is no other candidate on either side of the ticket that has the experience that he has — the 22 years in law enforcement on three different levels. And he has gained the trust of the voters over the years because he works hard and gets the job done.”

In his remarks, Talbot County State’s Attorney Scott Patterson said, “It’s my pleasure to be here, because as with Anne, I’ve known Doug Gansler for almost a quarter-century now – from the time he started as State’s Attorney in Montgomery County where he was for eight years and his eight years as Attorney General for the state of Maryland. I’ve met with him on many occasions about many topics. I know that he’s concerned about public safety. I know that he’s concerned about public safety as it affects the lives of our citizens. I also know that he is someone, as he indicated, we have too many people in jail, and I know that he believes that the people that should be in prison and jail are the ones that are violent offenders that make it unsafe for the citizens to live their lives peacefully, raise families, and conduct their businesses — which is a major emphasis for him. And that’s the progressive part of him, to pay attention to those individuals that we have to segregate from society as well as just to punish for a crime, but to segregate them to keep us safe. And I know that he’s done that in his career as a prosecutor and I know that he focused on that when he was the Attorney General.”

“Doug and I are longtime friends and colleagues, and there is no candidate I would trust more to make Maryland safe,” said former Somerset County State’s Attorney Kristy Hickman. “Maryland needs a governor with a proven record of tackling tough issues and delivering concrete results. In their executive positions, Doug and Candace have done both. That is why I trust them not only to make Maryland safe, but to do so in a just and fair way. The GanslerHollingsworth administration has the experience that other campaigns cannot compete with, and the Eastern Shore will be stronger and safer for their leadership.”

“Doug has always been a champion of the Eastern Shore and our community needs,” said former Worcester County State’s Attorney Joel Todd. “Doug’s efforts as a State’s Attorney and as Attorney General have always been geared towards creating safe and just communities. I personally know how passionate Doug is about bringing the violent crime rate down in Maryland, and believe he and Candace are the most experienced team to do so. Doug will be a governor the Eastern Shore can put their trust behind, and I am proud to endorse his candidacy.”

Gansler has also been endorsed by the following former State’s Attorneys:

  • Michelle Barnes (Dorchester County)
  • Chris Eastridge (Cecil County)
  • Leonard C. Collins, Jr. (Charles County)
  • Dario Broccolino (Howard County)


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