Katie Baker
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Gansler and Hollingsworth Respond to Leaked Draft of SCOTUS Decision Overturning Roe v. Wade

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md — Former Attorney General Doug Gansler and former Hyattsville Mayor Candace Hollingsworth today issued the following statements in response to reporting from POLITICO that a leaked majority draft from the Supreme Court will overturn Roe. v. Wade:

“As someone who worked as a counselor to women who have sought abortion care and as a woman whose own path would be drastically different without the access to abortion services, my heart aches for women across this country,” said Hollingsworth. “The United States should stand as a beacon of hope for freedom and that includes — unequivocally — reproductive freedom, and it would be a catastrophic failure for this decision to be overturned. This is an example of why local leadership matters, and in Maryland, why it’s all the more important that the state is led by those who value the voice and the autonomy of women.”

“Guns have more rights than women in America,” said Gansler. “Elections have consequences, and blue states need blue governors. The governor appoints judges in Maryland, the very same judges who will be interpreting laws around women’s reproductive rights. We cannot take established protections for reproductive freedom for granted. As governor, I will not only be a brick wall against any attack on women’s reproductive rights, but I will also work to help women from other states come to Maryland to receive the abortion care that they would otherwise be denied should this decision come to fruition.”



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