Katie Baker
For Immediate Release

Gansler Calls for Hogan and General Assembly to Waive Sales Tax in Restaurants for Three Months

ROCKVILLE, Md. — Former Attorney General Doug Gansler, a Democrat running for governor on his proven record of taking bold action to deliver real results, today called on Governor Hogan and the Maryland General Assembly to waive the sales tax in Maryland restaurants for three months when the body re-convenes in January.

“We are continuing to deal with the pandemic and its consequences,” said Gansler. “Far too many of our wonderful, locally-owned businesses have been destroyed, while others have limped along by going into debt or digging into savings. PPP loans remained out of reach for many minority and women-owned businesses, and now our restaurants are struggling with a labor shortage, broken supply chains and the soaring price of food and ingredients. We are still in a crisis, and these businesses and their patrons are desperate for our help. We’ve done it before for retailers and we can do it for our restaurants. On its first day back in session, the Maryland General Assembly could provide three months of desperately-needed relief for small business owners who are hanging on by their fingernails.”

Gansler added, “Waiving the sales tax for restaurants would put a few extra dollars back into the pockets of consumers who have been whipsawed by rising costs across the board. It would bring customers with disposable income back into our downtown areas to shop in other stores. And it would come during the quietest, slowest time of the year – when restaurants need help the most, and when outdoor dining is not feasible due to the cold. The up-front fiscal costs would be modest but the economic benefits to consumers, local businesses and the entire constellation of wholesalers, vendors, employees and local causes would be enormous. I encourage the General Assembly to take this bold action and deliver for Maryland’s small businesses and their patrons as we power through this pandemic and the inflation it has caused.”


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