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Gansler Gains Momentum as Voters Head to Polls

Attorney General Doug Gansler and Mayor Candace Hollingsworth, who are running for governor and lieutenant governor of Maryland, continue to gain momentum as voters prepare to head to the polls July 19. Press covering the Democratic primary should take note:

With voters concerned about crime, Gansler is the only candidate with the experience and plan to tackle Maryland’s crime crisis on Day One. 

  • The Washington Post this weekend published an article on how the increasing rise of crime may impact the gubernatorial race. The article highlighted Gansler’s striking television ad and plans to hire 1,000 more police officers across the state, install 10,000 lights in Baltimore, and get illegal guns off the streets.
  • Gansler is the only candidate in the race with a background in fighting crime and the only candidate who has made crime the central plank of his campaign. Over the course of his 22-year career in law enforcement, Gansler served as a federal prosecutor, as Montgomery County State’s Attorney, and as a two-term Attorney General. He prosecuted many violent and high-profile criminals, including the Beltway Snipers.

With abortion rights on the line, voters are concerned about nominating a Democrat who can win against a Republican. 

  • poll conducted by Goucher College showed that a Hogan-like Republican (Kelly Schulz) would defeat a progressive Democrat by 17 points. An internal survey of 644 Democratic voters confirmed those results, with a plurality of respondents stating they would prefer Gansler —— the only pro-business, pro-law enforcement, moderate Democrat in the field —— to take on the Republican in November.
  • The Associated Press this weekend published an article under the headline “Maryland Dems eager to break GOP’s hold on governor’s office,” and reported that Gansler “said the past two elections have illustrated the dangers of choosing a Democrat who is too liberal.”
  • “‘In order to truly fight climate change and bring back the Chesapeake Bay, we need to have a Democrat in office, and we cannot commit political suicide again by electing a Democrat in the primary who cannot win in the general election,’ Gansler said.”
  • The Democratic Governors Association, clearly worried about the ability of a progressive Democrat to win the general election against Kelly Schulz, spent over a million dollars to meddle in the Republican primary and drive out Trump voters for Dan Cox
  • With Roe v. Wade overturned and the pro-life Kelly Schulz likely to win the Republican nomination, abortion rights are on the ballot in this election. Gansler and Hollingsworth are currently running an ad outlining why their experience makes them the best ticket to defend reproductive freedom.

Gansler is outspending Franchot 3-1 in the Baltimore media market in the final days before the election. 

  • The Franchot campaign is fading, with Gansler outspending Franchot by 3-1 in Baltimore television in the final days before tomorrow’s election.



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