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Gansler, Hollingsworth Announce Partnership in Campaign for Governor and Lt. Governor

WATCH Candace and Doug in “A Team That Works for Maryland”


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. – Former Attorney General Doug Gansler and former Hyattsville Mayor Candace Hollingsworth today announced their partnership in seeking to serve as the next governor and lieutenant governor of Maryland.

“I enthusiastically welcome Candace as my full-fledged partner on this team,” said Gansler. “What she has done to revitalize Hyattsville is a success story that we will strive to replicate all across Maryland. We have so much rebuilding to do after this pandemic – from reducing crime to improving policing to closing the COVID learning gap and getting our children, especially those who have been disproportionately impacted by learning loss, on track for success. Our combined executive experience at the state and local levels is unparalleled in this race. Together, we will make Maryland the safest state with the best schools in the country – and that means in every city and county no matter what the zip code.”

“I’m excited to be partnering with Doug to build safe, strong, and just communities across all of Maryland,” said Hollingsworth. “We need neighborhoods that can stay intact as they improve, places where people can actually afford to live and build wealth that they can pass down to the next generation. We must power our communities with world-class schools, family-sustaining jobs, and meaningful opportunities for our youth. Most importantly, we have to address racial and economic injustice across every facet of our state, from housing to education to wages. Together Doug and I have the experience and compassion to make Maryland better for the people who live here. I can’t wait to help him build an accountable and responsive government that will actually deliver for the voters who elected us.”

High resolution photos of Hollingsworth are available HERE.

A biography of Hollingsworth can be viewed HERE.


WATCH Candace and Doug in “A Team That Works for Maryland”, the full text of which is transcribed below:

Candace: When I first got to Hyattsville I could see it was a lot of promise, but the city government was completely dysfunctional.

I got involved with the PTA, and then eventually I ran for city council.

I was the youngest Mayor, and the first African-American mayor for the city of Hyattsville.

Now, downtown is … you really wouldn’t recognize it from 2009.

We’ve got so many shops, so many places for people to experience art and culture, the best coffee in the state of Maryland.

We are consistently a city that punches above its weight. And I think many cities in Maryland can do the same.

I’m excited about this ticket.

I think we have a winning combination of competence, credibility and compassion.

It’s important that we have an administration that doesn’t just hear and listen, but one that responds and one that feels the accountability from the communities that we represent.

Doug: That’s great.

Candace: Black voters go into the voting booth, and they vote based on promises that people have made and they rarely see any fruits of that. I am excited about making sure that we deliver on the things that we promise.

We didn’t grow up wealthy at all. My mom worked three jobs.

One time I opened my mom’s paycheck, and it was $5.54.

I’ve been behind on my mortgage before, and there are a lot of Marylanders, especially Black Marylanders, who have that same experience.

And it’s important for me to make sure that there is someone who understands that story, that we make sure that Black Marylanders feel invested in this state.

I think our combination working together as a team is really going to make a difference in the lives of many Marylanders.

Doug: What you’ve done, Candace, with Hyattsville — taking it from a city that was barely on the map, really, to making this vibrant downtown area, focused on making sure that you were tapping into the talents of everybody who lives here.

Hyattsville just needed someone to be a leader, and you were that leader.

I’m excited for you to take that to every city and county going forward.

We can do that as a team.

Candace: I’m ready. Let’s do it.

Doug: Let’s do it!


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