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Gansler, Hollingsworth Honor Women’s History Month

Watch Doug and Candace discuss Women’s History Month HERE


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. – Former Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler and former Hyattsville Mayor Candace Hollingsworth today issued the following statements in honor of Women’s History Month:

“The theme of this year’s Women’s History Month honors our caregivers and frontline workers who powered us through this pandemic,” said Gansler. “These women made history and deserve our praise, but they also deserve an acknowledgement that the government failed to keep our frontline workers safe and failed to provide meaningful child care support to parents who wanted to stay in the workforce. As we begin to recover, the Gansler-Hollingsworth team is committed to removing barriers so that women who want to return to the workforce can, including by ensuring universal childcare and universal 3-K so that all young children can get a fair and strong start in life.”

“As caregivers, educators, and standard-bearers for what is right, women provide hope and healing to a world that needs so much,” said Hollingsworth, who would be the first Black woman to serve as lieutenant governor in Maryland’s history. “We must honor women not just for what they give and continue to give, but for who we are. Imagine the dreams we would dream for ourselves and our daughters if the right to bodily autonomy were fundamental, where women and girls were compensated justly for their skills, talents, and expertise alongside their male counterparts, and where their personal safety did not come at the expense of our greatest wishes for ourselves. I am eager to help create this world for women and girls starting right here in Maryland. This Women’s History Month, let’s all commit to creating the space to dream big by working to improve the lives of women and girls everywhere.”

Gansler and Hollingsworth also released a video in honor of Women’s History Month, which can be viewed on Facebook HERE


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