Katie Baker
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Gansler, Hollingsworth Release New Ad on Abortion


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. — The campaign of Attorney General Doug Gansler and Mayor Candace Hollingsworth, who are running for governor and lieutenant governor, today released a new ad outlining why they are the most experienced ticket to defend abortion rights in Maryland.

The ad will appear in digital channels. It is narrated by Hollingsworth and transcribed below:

I had an abortion, and Doug Gansler defended our right to one.

Seven years ago, I became the first Black mayor in the City of Hyattsville’s history.

I led a growing city out of dysfunction and into a brighter future.

But like so many other women, my life would be dramatically different without the access to safe, legal abortion.

Right now, with inflation and everyday expenses out of control, baby formula impossible to find, and our choice on when to start our families taken away from us, we need leaders with experience fighting for us.

As Attorney General, Doug Gansler fought George Bush’s attempt to roll back abortion access.

He protected Obamacare from the right-wing’s attacks, and he even won a case in front of the Supreme Court, 9-0.

With our right to choose under attack, the choice for Maryland couldn’t be more clear: Gansler-Hollingsworth for governor.


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