Katie Baker
For Immediate Release

Gansler Reports $1 Million Cash-on-Hand

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. — Former Attorney General Doug Gansler tonight filed a campaign finance report showing more than $1 million in cash-on-hand.

“This election is about crime and criminal justice,” said Gansler. “As the only candidate with a background in public safety, I am prepared to address Maryland’s rising crime problem on Day One. We will address the police shortage by raising salaries and hiring 1,000 more officers across the state. All local law enforcement will be trained in de-escalation tactics. We will put a laser-focus on gun crimes, ensure police have the resources they need to solve every shooting, and will fund an SRO in every school to keep your children safe.Public safety is the number one issue that voters care about. If we nominate a Democrat with no experience fighting crime, we will lose yet another election to the Republicans this fall. We have the resources to communicate our message of bringing crime down while lifting justice up. I look forward to spending the coming weeks talking with voters about how the GanslerHollingsworth administration will make Maryland safe.

“Doug and I will work in direct partnership with local officials to build safe and just communities,” said former Hyattsville Mayor and Lt. Governor candidate Candace Hollingsworth. “We will fast-track funding for youth recreation centers to high-crime areas, and we will make sure all our cities and towns have everything they need to thrive. Every Marylander deserves access to world-class schools, blue-ribbon health care, and quality affordable housing. All of these things are not just talking points; they are foundational to reducing crime. A great state is made up of great cities and towns. I can’t wait to get to work with all of our mayors and municipal leadership as we strive to make Maryland a safer, stronger, and more just state.”

“We’ve kept our powder dry and have preserved our resources until the right moment,” said Gansler campaign manager Shaun Daniels. “We have a million dollars which we will strategically invest in paid communications to voters in every corner of the state. This election will be about crime, and the Republicans know that Doug Gansler is the candidate to fear, which is why they have come out swinging for him in debates. No amount of celebrity money backing celebrity candidates will be enough to compete with the Republicans in a race that will turn on one thing: whether Maryland voters feel safe.”


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