Katie Baker
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Gansler Responds to Schulz Ad: I Will Proudly Increase Spending to Fight Crime

Gansler will fund 1,000 police across state, put 10,000 lights in Baltimore

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. – Former Attorney General Doug Gansler today issued the following statement in response to Republican Kelly Schulz’s new ad, which features the text “Increase Spending” over a cut-out likeness of Gansler:

“As the only pro-business, pro-law enforcement candidate in the Democratic primary, I will not raise taxes. However, I will proudly increase spending to keep Marylanders safe. That means ensuring police are better-paid and better-trained, including in de-escalation tactics. I will fund 1,000 more police across the state and install 10,000 lights in Baltimore. We will put a laser-focus on gun crimes and will ensure police have the resources they need to solve every shooting. It is unfortunate that Kelly Schulz does not want to increase spending to ensure police have the resources they need to fight crime. It is classic Republican fantasy to think that we can reduce crime without investing the money to do so. We have a police shortage in part because we do not pay police enough. As the only candidate in this race with a scintilla of experience in criminal justice, I will go toe-to-toe with Kelly Schulz on any day to debate how we can best make Maryland safe.”


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