Katie Baker
For Immediate Release

Gansler Statement on Carjacking of Baltimore Police Officer

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. — Former Attorney General Doug Gansler, who has a 22-year record of fighting violent crime, today issued the following statement in response to last night’s carjacking of an on-duty Baltimore police officer:

“Maryland is in a state of lawlessness when people feel at liberty to carjack, shoot, or assassinate doctors, police officers, and people who are just minding their own business trying to get through their day. For too long, the state has neglected the city of Baltimore, including its law enforcement, its schools, its transportation system, and its communities. We must work to prevent the root causes of crime while also stopping crime dead in its tracks. As governor, I will address the police shortage by putting more and better-paid police officers on our streets. We will also invest in the necessary resources to solve every murder and every carjacking while also fast-tracking funding for community infrastructure projects like youth recreation centers in high-crime areas. When I was State’s Attorney in Montgomery County, we saw roughly five percent of the murders that Baltimore sees in a year. There is no reason why we can’t set and meet similar goals in Baltimore if we just only believed in this city. It’s time to bring crime down and justice up in Baltimore and across the state.”


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