Katie Baker
For Immediate Release

Gansler Statement on Threat To Abortion Rights in Mississippi Case

ROCKVILLE, Md. — Former Attorney General Doug Gansler, a Democrat running for governor on his proven record of taking bold action to deliver real results for the people of Maryland, today issued the following statement on the oral arguments presented to the Supreme Court in the Mississippi abortion case:

It is no surprise that this court seems braced to seriously undermine, if not overturn, abortion rights in the United States. Elections matter, and who we choose as our next governor will have a major impact on reproductive rights in Maryland. The governor appoints judges and hires and promotes countless public servants who shape and enforce Maryland’s laws. Abortion care is health care. As Attorney General, I fought the federal government on a proposed rule that would have protected doctors who refused to perform abortions, and as governor I will stand with women and all Marylanders who may become pregnant in this continued fight.”

Gansler is available for commentary on the challenge to Roe. Contact Katie Baker at 740-485-1125 or at [email protected] if interested in setting up an interview.


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