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ICYMI: Gansler Defines Himself as the Only Pro-Law Enforcement Candidate in Democratic Primary

In case you missed the coverage of last night’s debate, former Attorney General Doug Gansler defined himself as the only pro-business, pro-law enforcement candidate in the Democratic primary for Maryland governor. According to a recent Goucher College poll, crime is the #1 issue on voters’ minds. Gansler‘s Safe Maryland Plan, which can be read in full at safemaryland.com, will put 1,000 more police officers on the streets, add 10,000 lights to the City of Baltimore, and put a well-trained School Resource Officer in every school to keep children safe.

Gansler, who also is a former Montgomery County state’s attorney, emphasized fighting crime.

“This election is about crime and criminal justice,” Gansler said, adding that he supports hiring more police and training them in de-escalation techniques.


Former Attorney General Doug Gansler, who has said that his background makes him the strongest candidate on fighting crime, said judges should recognize that women have the right to their own reproductive health choices and that climate change “is a real threat.”


[…] Mr. Gansler said he is the “only pro-business and pro-law-enforcement candidate” in the field.

“This election is about crime and criminal justice,” Mr. Gansler said. “There is no other candidate in this debate that has any background whatsoever in criminal justice.” 

“Think about that: The most important issue in people’s minds right now is crime and criminal justice, and nobody here has any background in that whatsoever,” he said.

Mr. Gansler said he supports putting 1,000 more police officers on the street and a student resource officer in every public school.

Former prosecutor and state Attorney General Doug Gansler sought to distinguish himself as “the only pro-business, pro-law enforcement candidate” in the field.

“This election is about crime and criminal justice,” he said. He claimed to be the only candidate with relevant experience, and he reiterated his pledge to hire 1,000 new police officers and to restore security personnel to every Maryland school.

In a debate preview on WBAL’s Torrey and Dan Show, political science professor John Dedie was asked, “Is there one [candidate] that you see that maybe separates themselves from the others when it comes to crime?”

Dedie responded:

“If I had to pick the one candidate that really stands out with experience, it would be former Attorney General Doug Gansler. He’s come up with a plan. He has been Attorney General for eight years. He knows this issue inside and out related to law enforcement. He was a former Montgomery County State’s Attorney. He’s very progressive in a lot of things, but not progressive to then basically slap anyone’s wrist here. He will enforce the law.” 


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