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ICYMI: Gansler Discusses Plans to Fight Crime in Baltimore on Fox45

In case you missed it, former Attorney General Doug Gansler discussed his plans to bring crime down in Baltimore on Fox45 yesterday morning in the wake of ten people being shot on Tuesday of this week.

Highlights from the interview are below: 

“Several of your opponents are now pledging to turn the crime rate around here in Baltimore. Is this a top priority for you?”

“Well, they can pledge whatever they want, but there is nobody else in this race from either party who actually has any background whatsoever in criminal justice. So as you said from the top, I was actually an Assistant United States Attorney, federal prosecutor for six years mostly doing homicide work, and then I was the [Montgomery County] State’s Attorney for eight years and did the Beltway Snipers and prosecuted many, many murders and cases myself. And then was the Attorney General for eight years.

“So it’s pretty binary. It is the top priority, and the top priority of the government is to keep its people safe. And my job is to make Baltimore safe. And so it’s pretty clear. If you want to make Baltimore safe, if you want to eradicate crime, if you want somebody that understands how the criminal justice system works to bring crime down and bring justice up, then I would ask for your vote. If you like 400 murders a year and sitting at the red light and wondering whether you’re going to be the next carjacking victim, then you should consider voting for one of the other nine candidates.”

You know, many people want to hear the plans. What are your ideas to make Baltimore safer? To make our state safer?

“The number one thing we want to do is hire a thousand more police officers. Make sure they’re trained, make sure they’ve got de-escalation training, make sure they’re paid appropriately. We’d like to have them have two years post-high school so that you have an associate’s degree in public safety. Put 10,000 lights in Baltimore City to brighten up the city and make sure it’s safer. Put drug courts in, I started the first drug courts in Maryland’s history, want to have that, drug courts in Baltimore City, because we put too many people in jail. And want to make sure we focus on the gun crimes and not the drug health problems, put domestic violence dockets in here, put community prosecution in. I started the first community prosecution office in the country. I learned it from Eric Holder when I was at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, which is prosecuting by neighborhood instead of by crime. So Pigtown, Patterson Park, Camden would have their own prosecutors working with the community police to identify and root out the bad folks and the criminals. We’re in a situation, you started the show with ‘A City in Crisis.’ Almost 400 people murdered a year. It’s actually outrageous.”

[…] This city is the only city that’s been left behind. Washington, D.C. Detroit, Philadelphia. They’ve all had their renaissance. Baltimore’s a beautiful place that’s got enormous promise, but it can’t reach that promise until it’s safe again.”

Watch the full interview on Fox45 HERE.


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