Meet Doug

Meet Doug

“It’s time to take bold action to build a Maryland that reflects our values”

A Proven Champion for Maryland

Doug Gansler is a lifelong Montgomery County resident who served as Maryland’s Attorney General from 2007-2015. In that role, he went after predatory lenders, polluters, and human traffickers to deliver justice under the law and protect all Marylanders.

As Attorney General, Doug stood up for Maryland families during a period of severe economic uncertainty. He got more than a billion dollars to help Marylanders stay in their homes from Countrywide Financial Corporation.

Guided by his values, Doug was the first statewide elected official in Maryland history to support marriage equality. He later received Equality Maryland’s “Ally for Equality” award for support of LGBT rights.

Doug also worked to deliver environmental justice, obtaining settlements when ExxonMobil released more than 25,000 gallons of gasoline into Maryland waters and securing $4.6 billion for air quality with American Electric Power, the largest environmental settlement in American history. Just as important, Doug’s work eliminated at least 813,000 tons of pollution from our state’s air every year. Gansler even led a 5-state effort to clean up and conduct a rivershed audit of the Chesapeake Bay, dramatically improving the water quality.

His record of taking action for Maryland families didn’t stop there. Doug established Maryland’s Human Trafficking Task Force, which improved efforts to crack down on the despicable practice: setting up operations to identify victims and traffickers, providing training for law enforcement officers, and reaching out to potential victims. He also created and implemented a statewide Internet safety initiative, known as C.L.I.C.K.S., that brought community leaders and experts to talk to children, teens, and parents to ensure kids are safe online.

Previously, Doug served as Montgomery County State’s Attorney, where he instituted important, progressive criminal justice reforms, and also prosecuted some of the county’s worst criminals, like the Beltway Snipers.

In his spare time, Doug helps run a non-profit lacrosse league he founded which offers free lacrosse skills training, mentoring, tutoring and assistance gaining access to area private schools for underserved inner-city youth in Baltimore.

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