Defending Abortion Rights

Defending Abortion Rights

“We must enshrine the right to an abortion in our state constitution.”

The Gansler-Hollingsworth Plan to Defend Abortion Rights

Blue states need blue governors, yet Maryland Democrats have lost three of the last five gubernatorial elections. With Roe v. Wade overturned, we must nominate a fiscally mindful, crime fighting Democrat who can win the general election, not just the primary, and protect a woman’s freedom to make the most personal choice of her life. That Democrat is Doug Gansler.

Experience matters in the fight to defend a woman’s right to choose. As Attorney General, Doug Gansler stood up to the Bush Administration when it tried to restrict abortion access through the federal rule-making process, protected Obamacare, and won a case before the Supreme Court 9-0.

Doug will work in close partnership with his lieutenant governor, former mayor of Hyattsville Candace Hollingsworth. Candace began her career in public service as a family planning counselor at a feminist-centered facility in Georgia. Always aware her own path would have been dramatically different without access to safe, legal abortion care, Candace is a vocal and informed advocate for women’s reproductive rights and freedom.

With the unilateral end of Roe v. Wade, we must enshrine a woman’s right to choose in our state constitution. We must also make Maryland a sanctuary state for women seeking abortions across the country, particularly for our neighbors from West Virginia where abortion is now a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

In order to ensure every woman has both the freedom to make this most personal choice and access to the required family planning care and services, Doug and Candace will:

  • Pass a state Constitutional amendment enshrining the right to an abortion. A state Constitutional amendment sends an important message that Maryland believes women are equal citizens.
  • Expand abortion access to all jurisdictions in Maryland. Seventeen of Maryland’s 24 jurisdictions lack an abortion care provider, and 29 percent of women live in those counties without access. We will work to ensure that every jurisdiction has an abortion care provider.
  • Release the $3.5 million in funds for the Abortion Care Clinical Training Program. We will release these funds on Day One of our administration, to ensure women have access to high quality care and services.
  • Prohibit law enforcement from cooperating with anti-abortion states. Maryland will not extradite women and will not communicate with law enforcement regarding abortion in states that criminalize the procedure. No state agency will be permitted to provide any information or expend time, money, facilities, property, equipment, personnel, or other resources in furtherance of any investigation or proceedings that criminalize abortion care.
  • Allow civil actions in Maryland against out of state individuals who take legal action against Marylanders for obtaining or providing an abortion in Maryland. Any individual who pursues legal action against someone who obtained an abortion in Maryland will be subject to civil suit in Maryland, and we will facilitate enforcement of judgments against them to the full extent of the law.
  • Set up a voluntary state fund to offset costs for those who must travel to Maryland to access abortion services. Following the lead of legislators across the country, the Gansler-Hollingsworth administration will seek voluntary tax contributions for this fund.


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